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ISGH Funeral services faq's

Families can promptly report a death through our dedicated 24/7 hotline at 832-330-9905. Upon receiving the call, ISGH Funeral Home will contact the family to retrieve the body and transport it back to the funeral home.

ISGH owns and operates two fully equipped funeral homes in North and Southwest Houston.

  • Hamza Funeral Home (Southwest Houston)
    • 6233-A Tres Lagunas, Houston, Texas 77083
  • Bilal Funeral Home (North Houston)
    • 11932 Adel Rd, Houston, Texas 77067

ISGH funeral homes provide a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Transportation: Involving the movement of the deceased’s body to and from various locations, such as ISGH Funeral Home, the place of death (home, hospitals, etc.), the medical examiner’s office, masjids, airports, and cemeteries.
  • Ghusul: Encompassing the ritual washing, wrapping, and body preparation for Janaza prayers and burial.
  • Viewing: The funeral home facilitates the display of the deceased’s body for viewing by family members, relatives, friends, and other visitors.
  • Embalming: An essential service when transporting the body to other countries overseas.
  • Stitching: Necessary in specific situations when the Medical Examiner conducts an autopsy.

Upon confirmation of death by the hospital medical staff, the Body Release Form is signed by the family or loved one of the deceased. This authorization allows the body to be released to either:

  • Medical examiner: In cases requested by the hospital or police authorities. After determining the cause of death, potentially through autopsy, the deceased’s body is then released to ISGH Funeral Home upon obtaining the signed Body Release Form from the family, relatives, or loved ones.
  • ISGH Funeral Home: The funeral home receives the body and transports it back to prepare Ghusl and other services, with the family’s consent.

In the event of a health emergency or when the death of a loved one is presumed or suspected, consider the following guidelines:

  • Call 911 for an ambulance:
    • The medical personnel arriving will assess the individual’s condition and take appropriate actions.
  • Call the police:
    • The police will determine whether to release the body to funeral home services or send it to the medical examiner. They may request information about the possible cause of death from the family and provide a Police Report Receipt.
  • Confirm the death:
    • Medical personnel will issue a face sheet with the time of death, enabling the loved ones to proceed with funeral arrangements.
  • If the body goes to the medical examiner:
    • The medical examiner will investigate the cause of death and release the body to ISGH Funeral Home upon receiving a signed Body Release Form from the family.
    • An autopsy may be performed unless the family requests otherwise, considering specific circumstances.
  • Call ISGH Funeral Services:
    • Once the medical staff confirms death, the body will be released to ISGH Funeral Home upon the signing of the Body Release Form by the deceased’s family or loved ones.
  • Ensure Funeral Home Service provider:
    • Confirm that the Funeral Home Service provider arriving to pick up the deceased’s body is from the official ISGH Funeral Homes location addresses list (Humza Funeral Home or Bilal Funeral Home) to prevent any confusion or delays.

See the ISGH Funeral Services page for pricing.

See the ISGH Funeral Services page for cemeteries.

ISGH can facilitate the arrangement of a police escort for the funeral, and the associated costs are to be paid directly to the police officers. These charges are applicable only when the Janaza procession is significant and is explicitly requested by the family. The fees are calculated based on the number of escorts, usually 2 to 3, per the family’s or loved one’s request.

ISGH also offers guidance and assistance in the process of transporting the deceased’s body overseas, to neighboring countries, or locally to other cities. The key steps in such cases include:

  • Contacting the official ISGH Funeral Home:
    • Informing and explaining the situation related to the death, providing details about the body’s location, and specifying the destination where the body is to be sent.
  • Filling out the Body Release Form:
    • Completing the necessary documentation to authorize the release of the body.
  • Embalming the body:
    • ISGH Funeral homes, which are licensed, perform embalming as required by law.
  • Completing paperwork:
    • ISGH funeral homes handle all charges associated with overseas shipping. Relevant paperwork is also processed during this stage.
  • Transporting the body to the airport:
    • After preparing the deceased’s body for overseas transportation, the ISGH Funeral Home coordinates with the loved ones and takes the body to the airport.

ISGH Cemetery faq's

22505 Stokes Rd.
Waller, Texas – 77484
Phone : 832-330-9905

The land is provided free of charge. However, there are service fees for ISGH Funeral Home as follows:

  • $2500 for Members
  • $3500 for Non-Members

Please email at funerals@isgh.org for more information.

Rules have been posted at the cemetery.