Cemetery Updates
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Cemetery Updates

ISgh cemetery

Welcome to Houston’s premier exclusive Muslim cemetery, proudly owned and managed by ISGH. Nestled on 58 acres in Waller, Texas, and serving Houston and its surrounding areas, this tranquil resting place was established in December 2020 and has seen rapid growth. Phase 1, now adorned with over 600 graves, reflects our dedication to providing a sacred and peaceful environment.

Improvements at the cemetery

At ISGH, we are committed to creating a peaceful and beautiful environment for our departed loved ones and those who visit. Continuous enhancements to the grounds aim to offer solace to grieving families. Some key developments we have undertaken include:


Landscaping event at the cemetery

Highlighting community engagement and the significance of a well-maintained cemetery, we successfully organized a landscaping event. With over 70 community members, volunteers, and children participating, the event focused on beautifying the cemetery grounds. Through collective efforts, we planted flowers, bushes, and decorative plants, enhancing the landscape to create a serene and inviting space for visitors and families.


tree planting effort and sprinkler system

Over the past year, we planted more than 200 trees within the cemetery, contributing to its beautification and providing shade for years. A modern sprinkler system has been installed to optimize water usage, efficiently maintaining the landscape and preserving its beauty. Twelve water fixtures have also been added for visitors across Phase 1 of the cemetery.


walkways constructions

Completing walkways in Phase 1 ensures safe and comfortable movement for visitors, preventing inadvertent stepping on graves. These well-constructed pathways enhance the overall accessibility of the cemetery.


security cameras

A comprehensive security camera system has been installed as part of our unwavering commitment to a secure environment. This surveillance system operates 24/7, ensuring the safety of visiting families and monitoring the premises effectively.


your support

We invite you to generously contribute, joining us in the mission to maintain and elevate this hallowed space. Your donations play a pivotal role in supporting our cemetery’s ongoing development and upkeep, ensuring it remains a serene final resting place for our community members. Become a vital part of preserving the sanctity and beauty of our cemetery through your generous contributions.